Phytaphix – what’s in a name? What does Phytaphix mean?

Some people have been asking about the meaning of the name of our company. Phytaphix is pronounced fight a fix and not to be confused as:








At Phytaphix, we formulate the healthiest, most natural, nutrition products, functional foods and supplements.


Two things make us different:

  1. We formulate our products based on the research and expertise of our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley
  2. All of our products are 100% plant based – containing specific, pure, premium and powerful, plant based ingredients.


And you see, Phyta means Plant in scientific language:


According to Wikipedia, the word Phyta can ‘only used for organisms considered to be plants in some sense’

According to the Wiktionary on,  phyta means ‘a taxonomic division or phylum of plants or algae’


We are Phytaphix – we use specific plants in specific quantities and combinations to help fix fix your nutritional intake!!!


So there you have it, the meaning of:  'Phytaphix'


Let us know what you think of the name Phytaphix…

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