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All of our products are based on the research and expertise of our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley. Dr. Kerley is a doctor of nutrition, leading clinician, award winning researcher and previously a lecturer in food innovations and nutraceuticals. Dr. Kerley has designed our products to include some of the most powerful, plant based foods and nutrients which we manufacture at a state of the art facility in Ireland.


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Despite being such a new company, we’ve already some major awards including:

  • 2020 Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards
  • 2021 World Food Innovation Awards


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We’ve exported to countries all over the world from our headquarters in Ireland

As a very new company, we are amazed that people come from far and wide to purchase our products…even though we haven’t advertised in these countries! This demonstrates the power of our formula. Some of the countries we’ve exported to include:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. England
  5. Spain
  6. Italy
  7. Austria
  8. Netherlands
  9. Romania
  10. Scotland
  11. Singapore
  12. Slovenia
  13. Northern Ireland
  14. Switzerland
  15. Viet Nam

And many more!!!


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